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Mindful Eating Programs and Training

Am I Hungry? Referral Partner Program

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We don’t do any advertising so we know our success depends on the most powerful form of marketing: word-of-mouth. To show our appreciation for your referrals to www.AmIHungry.com, we offer a Referral Partner Program that allows us to send you a “thank you” in the form of a percentage of purchases made by your referrals when they access our shopping cart using your special link. It’s easy to do and costs you (or those you refer) nothing!

We know you refer people to us because you believe in what we do, not to make money, and will continue to do so with the utmost integrity. We also recognize that depending on employment status or profession, a referral commission may not be appropriate for everyone who refers patients or clients to us. We simply want to make this available to those who are interested and can ethically participate.

If you have participants, clients, patients, friends, family members, or colleagues who want to look beyond “eat less, exercise more” to develop a healthy, balanced relationship with food, and you feel that Am I Hungry? may help them, please join our Referral Partner Program and earn commission by sending them to our site to explore everything we have to offer.

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How does it work?

Fill out the form in the purple box on the right. You will then receive an email with instructions to log in to our Referral Partner Resource Center. There you will find your unique links to products and services on our website. Please share these links with your contacts: place them on your website, in your blog posts, and in your social media accounts; send them in your e-newsletter; email or share them with your connections. The links contains a special tracking code so when your contacts click on the links and purchase products and/or services, you receive a thank you commission – even if they return to make a purchase at a later date. There is no added cost for you or for them; we just share a portion of the profits with you as a thank you for your confidence in referring them.

How much are the commissions?

Your valuable referrals earn you commissions of 20% on product purchases (books, workbooks, toolkits, etc.), 10% on services such as our Mindful Eating Support Community or Mindful Eating Training, and 5% on Mindful Eating Coaching or Mindful Eating Retreats! We pay commission checks quarterly (every three months).

How do I get started?

Complete the information in the purple sidebar to participate in the Referral Partner Program. After you complete this form, you’ll receive an e-mail with instructions about how to utilize your link to its fullest potential including easy-to-use tools. For example, you’ll have access to links to specific products and services, and banners and buttons that you can link to items on our website. They contain your tracking code so you can place them on your website, social media accounts, or in your emails to encourage people to learn more about Am I Hungry? and/or purchase resources that will help them eat mindfully and live vibrantly!

How do I track my commissions?

Using your username and password, you will be able to log in to the Referral Partner Program webpage at any time to check on your commissions. You will also find additional tools to help you communicate the value of Am I Hungry? with your contacts efficiently and effectively.

Complete the sidebar on the right to get started!

Participate in the Am I Hungry? Referral Partner Program by completing the information in the sidebar on the right.

We value your referrals and confidence in Am I Hungry? Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

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Referral Partner Program

Join our Referral Partner Program and earn commission by sending referrals to our site.

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Am I Hungry? Referral Program

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