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All Emotions Fit

Charlene Rayburn

As I continue on this Am I Hungry? Mindful Eating journey, I’ve really come to appreciate how essential it is to adopt the “all-foods-fit” philosophy. Otherwise, we remain victims of the boomerang effects of deprivation.

woman surprised - funnyWe want what we can’t have and denying ourselves what we desire just makes the urges more intense. Also as I continue on the journey, I’ve gained a great deal of insight into how much of a habit emotional eating has been for me. With that awareness, I’m playing with new ways to meet my emotional needs so that eating isn’t always my default approach. Now, I’m beginning to really appreciate how an “all-emotions-fit” approach is just as essential. When we see emotions as good or bad and deny or resist our “bad” feelings we equally set ourselves up for the boomerang effect. They will only come back stronger later. But when we make our emotions our friendly messengers, even uncomfortable feelings can point us to what really matters to us.

For example, is our irritation helping us identify someone’s comments as condescending? Is our jealousy highlighting that it’s time for us to take our own talent to the next level? Is our frustration telling us it’s time for a break? When we try to avoid or stuff those feelings by stuffing food in our mouths, we miss the really valuable message they’re offering. I’m committed to listening more attentively to my feelings, allowing them to share their wisdom, and looking for new ways to meet my emotional needs.

I also invite you to share your wisdom about what messages your emotions are sending you. Let’s learn together!


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