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Acceptance: How can I accept this?

By Camerin Ross

Beautiful woman doing breath exercises with an autumn backgroundAcceptance is one of those loaded words. I like the idea of acceptance when I’m feeling whole, peaceful and serene, and I abhor the idea when I’m emotionally triggered and spiritually bankrupt. When I see a Facebook post with a beautiful sunset and an artfully placed slogan, reminding me to seek “Radical Acceptance,” I may nod with deep appreciation as I click the Like button. But, depending on my mental and emotional state, I may cringe at the slogan’s triteness and, for the umpteenth time, secretly wish Facebook had a “Dislike” button.

I get that resistance to what I am feeling or what is happening is futile and only adds to my discomfort or frustration. Mindfulness has been instrumental in helping me notice when I’m in a negative state of mind. The insight I get gives me the opportunity to remind myself that, for me, negativity and resistance generally reap no rewards. This is not to be confused with jumping on the “just be happy” band wagon. There is good evidence that some degree of pessimism is healthy and helpful. But seeing the glass half empty is not my natural state. Moving toward a more balanced emotional state is good self-care for me.

In the Am I Hungry?® Mindful Eating for Emotional and Binge Eating program, we introduce and practice mindfulness techniques together. Here are just a few of the concepts we learn, using mindfulness to find acceptance.

Develop your mindfulness muscle:

  • Become an astute observer of your thoughts and emotions.
  • Connect current emotional, physical, and environmental triggers with your past.
  • Accept what you notice without judgment. (Easier said than done!)

Explore what’s in your best interest:

  • Learn how to be on your own side.
  • Learn to catch triggers as they arise so you can choose where your attention goes.
  • Practice self-care because you accept yourself, not so you’ll accept yourself.

As I watch people grow and change, witnessing the process of acceptance is always beautiful and profound. And I accept that acceptance isn’t easy.

What do you think? Can you accept what is?






About the author

Camerin Ross, PhD Camerin has been a passionate consumer and advocate of mindful/intuitive eating strategies for over 15 years and found a home with Michelle May’s Am I Hungry? ® Mindful Eating program as a licensed Am I Hungry?® Mindful Eating workshop facilitator in 2009. She received her doctorate in clinical psychology (2014) and developed her coaching skills with MentorCoach® in 2010. Camerin has worked with individuals and groups since 2007. She works in the San Francisco Bay Area and when appropriate, offers long-distance phone and webinar options. Passionate about sharing the practice of mindful eating, Camerin supports people finding freedom, peace and enjoyment with food and their bodies. She honors size diversity and works from a weight-neutral, Health At Every Size® perspective. You can read more at: CamerinRoss.com and reach her at (415) 937-0403 or info@CamerinRoss.com.

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