Mindful Eating Programs and Training

Mindful Eating Programs and Training

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Mindful Eating for Pre Diabetes and Diabetes

Lisa’s Story: Self Care Coach

Lisa eventually realized that restrictive dieting and punitive exercise isn’t the answer because although it might give temporary results, it doesn’t last.

Shirley’s Story: Food Is No Longer My Friend

When Shirley was 44 she was diagnosed with diabetes; she started insulin the following year. Three years later she developed congestive heart failure which was treated with “a bunch of medications.” “I continued to gain weight but I just couldn’t diet anymore. Dr. Thompson, my doctor, had heard Dr. May speak at a conference and said I should look into Am I Hungry?®

Don’s Story: Lifestyle Change Changes Your Life

At the advice of his doctor, Don decided to take the Am I Hungry?® Workshop offered by Affinity Medical Group to get better control over his diabetes. “I didn’t take the class to lose weight but to change my lifestyle. Weight loss just happened to be one of the benefits.”